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Nice to meet you, my name’s Meah and welcome to Pilates, Pearls, and Peanut Butter. As expressed by the title, this blog, Pilates, Pearls, and Peanut Butter, is going to be IMG_1631about fitness, healthy living, nutritious recipes, fashion, beauty, and basically anything else I can think of or you can request. So now for a little background. I started doing Pilates in about 5th grade. I did it sparingly and was NOT a huge fan. Now, as my skill and strength has developed, it’s become a true passion and I do it regularly. To stay healthy I also love to run, do HIIT and other circuit workouts, do yoga, do strength training, play volleyball, as well as other activities. Another passion of mine is fashion. I’ve loved fashion and putting outfits together my whole life. I pretty much came out of the womb in heels and a feather boa (yeah, I went through a sassy stage).
IMG_0053I love how I can put on a flowy pink dress, some heels, and curl my hair and transform into a fairy or a princess and then slip into some black skinny jeans, a trench coat, and apply some red lips and become a detective or spy. Your clothes really can influence your entire demeanor and mood. Likewise, your clothes reflect your attitude and personality. I can’t wait to share my favorite outfits with you and trade fashion tips and inspiration. This year has been quite the struggle for me. For months I’ve suffered with constant migraines, extreme fatigue, as well as other debilitating symptoms. Every day was a battle and I had to push myself to do almost everything. Understandably this caused a great deal of sadness and stress for me. In an attempt to mend myself, I’ve taken both dairy, gluten, and more recently soy, out of my diet. Dairy has been removed from my diet since November and this started as quiet the struggle. For a brief time, a few weeks, the removal of dairy helped and I felt normal again. Sadly, after falling ill with what seemed like a bad case of the flu (over Christmas break no less!), I seemed to relapse and never recovered. Again, I struggled for months. Project on project in school on top of my awful condition drove me to tears almost every day. With immense consideration from many doctors, I’ve also gone gluten free and have been for about four months. As for soy, after a possible reaction, it was decided to be best if I avoided it. Now I’m working on pin pointing the cause of my distress and mending myself so I can continue to thrive without the weight of headaches and other symptoms bringing me down. As I’ve adjusted my diet, cooking, nutrition, and healthy eating have become an increasingly important aspect of my life. I. Love. Food. Something you may not notice until you have to face this is that there’s gluten, dairy, and soy in LOTS of food. Again, food is something I’ve always enjoyed and savored. As I’ve aged, I’ve really began to appreciate food even more. NIMG_0834o longer does fried fast food appeal to me, now I yearn for fig, prosciutto pizza topped with a bunch of asparagus, arugula, and balsamic (gluten and dairy free of course), grilled peaches with coconut milk ice cream and a crumble on top, avocado mash spread over brown rice cakes which have been topped with egg and perfectly drizzled with salsa, the ever so delicious salted almond butter cups, oh and of course the less fancy, but still amazing, overnight oats in a (not so empty) jar of peanut butter. In addition to eating gluten, dairy, and soy free, I focus on eating a balanced diet filled with whole foods to promote my wellness and help me to be the best possible version of myself. Although, I’m more than aware that this is not the agenda of most of the world. One major thing I’ve noticed about food these days is that it’s become ridden with chemicals, artificial sweeteners, dyes, as well as other funky, unnecessary stuff. One goal of my blog is to help promote a lifestyle that doesn’t involve this, but rather includes delicious, yet still nutritious food that allows you to achieve your best life. Truth be told, it’s better to have something with more wholesome calories that nourish and satisfy your body than something low-calorie, processed, and chemical ridden that will leave you hungry, sick, and utterly discontent. That being said, I’m not some tastebudless, raw kale chomping health maniac. Like I always say, balance is key, you can have your cake and eat it too, just in moderation. Plus, who said cake can’t be full of pure ingredients that actually nourish and fuel your body? That is one of the very bases of this blog: Foods that help you function well and feel good CAN and SHOULD be delicious and I’m here to prove it! Anyway guys, get ready for an awesome peanut butter filled adventure, remember your pearls, and bring your Pilates mat, because it’s about to get real good!

Enjoy the moment,
xoxo, Meah <3

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