Friday Love and Flannel

The leaves have turned, there’s a chill to the air, and the smells of pumpkin spice fill our noses and stir our appetites. Yep, it’s fall. And with the change in season comes a change in fashion. Shorts become jeans, sandals become riding boots, and layering is a must.

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American Eagle Flannel, Nordstrom Rack “Love You More Than Fridays” Shirt, Target Boot Socks, Nordstrom Rack Black Leggings Venice Juicy Couture Watch, American Eagle Rose Gold Ring Set

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A cozy flannel like this is always the perfect fall piece, whether you wear them buttoned as a shirt or unbuttoned like a light jacket (a pictured). Another essential component of a fall wardrobe are boot socks. They add that extra pop of color or preppy touch to any look and also keep you warm.


Let Me Know…

What are your fall fashion essentials?

Are you excited for fall?

Enjoy the moment,

xoxo, Meah <3

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