Sweaty Saturday- Booty Buzzing HIIT, Plyo, and Strength Workout

I’m starting a new series that I’m going to be doing bi-weekly called “Sweaty Saturday”. On this day, I’ll be posting killer workouts for you guys to try out over the weekend or add to your weekday workout plan.

This workout will make your booty feel like it’s vibrating (hence the name)! It’s the perfect, super effective workout to do for your lower body when you’re crunched for time since it’s around 30 minutes, including a warm-up and cool down. What makes this workout so effective even though it’s pretty quick is the use of explosive, high intensity moves which get your heart rate soaring and really burn out your legs. Additionally, minimal rest means your body won’t have time to bring your heart rate back down.

You will need a set or assortment of dumbbells for the strength portions of part 3, 4, and 5 of this workout. I challenge you to go as heavy as you possibly can with the weights, however, don’t hesitate to lower your weight if your form is being compromised. Form over ego, always! If you don’t have any weights available, try using milk gallons, water jugs, or any other heavy object you have lying around that you can grip. Alternatively, you can opt for a completely no weight workout if you’re a beginner or need to take it easy.

Now here’s the workout…

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Booty Buzzing Workout (1)

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As you can see, this workout is broken up into 6 parts. Part 1 is a basic dynamic/cardio warm-up to get your muscles warmed up and your blood flowing. Part 2 is meant to skyrocket your heart rate and fatigue your legs. In the last few rounds of this, you may be dying, but just remember, it’s only 20 seconds of work, you can push through that! Parts 3, 4, and 5 are your strength training groups. Each one also includes a plyometric exercise to keep your heart rate up and to really get that burn going in your legs. The last part, part 6, is a freestyle cool down/stretch. Don’t skip this part! It’s so important to cool down since you want your heart rate to gradually settle back to normal and you want to prevent your muscles from being (too) sore. Feel free to stretch as long as you need, I typically stretch anywhere from 5-10 minutes.

In case you aren’t sure what one of the exercises looks like or how to do it, check out the links below!

Warm-up (Don’t use weights for any of these):

*Boxer Shuffle      *Butt Kicks      *Squat+Reach     *Lunges     *Caterpillars     *Jumping Jacks


Strength and Plyo (Add weights for all of the strength exercises)

*Deadlifts        *Ski Squats     *Pop Squats

*Front Lunges     *Curtsy Lunges     *Jumping Lunges

*Sumo Squats      *Glute Bridges      *Star Jumps

I hope you guys try out this workout! I promise, it’s a really booty burner. Think of me when you’re sore 🙂 .

Enjoy the moment,

xoxo Meah <3


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