Sweaty Saturday #3 Spring Sculpting Lower Body Workout

Happy #sweatsaturday! Are you ready to feel the burn? Good, ‘cuz this workout will have you dripping in sweat and cursing like a sailor. Sounds fun, right? Don’t be scared, I promise, you’ll feel so much stronger both physically AND mentally after pushing yourself through it. I’ve paired combination lower body strength moves, plyometrics, and pulsing exercises to maximize the effectiveness of this workout for shaping up your legs and booty. If you really want to take it to the next level use weights, not only for the strength moves, but also for the plyometric and pulsing exercises.

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Spring Sculpting Lower Body

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How to do the moves:

Narrow Squat+Alternating Curtsy Lunge

Alternating X-Hops

Curtsy Lunge Pulses

Plie Squats

Plie Pops

Plie Pulses, Toes Up

Sumo Deadlift

8 Quick Feet to Squat Jumps

Duck Squats

Glute Bridge Sways

Single Leg Plyo Bridge (do this, but add in a hop)

Bridge Pulses

This workout is seriously so killer! I did it today and I can already tell that I’m gonna be struggling to walk tomorrow. I pushed myself to lift heavier than usual and use weights for all the exercise. I challenge you all to do the same! I know you’ll rock it!


Bonus Workout!!!

Annnnnddd if you like to go hard on your leg days like me, add this ten minute Pilates burnout to the end of your workout to really push your muscles to the max.

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Pilates Burnout

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How to do the moves:


Back Bows

Leg Circles

Side Leg Raises

Pointed Butt Lifts

Flexed Donkey Pulse

After your workout, be sure to stretch, stretch, STRETCH!!! Also, be sure to drink LOTS of water and eat a good, solid meal with carbohydrates and protein to repair your muscles and fuel those booty gains.

Let me know…

If you try out either of these workouts, let me know what you thought and how you did.

What’s your favorite lower body exercises?

How do you like to refuel after your workout?

What types of posts would you like to see?


Enjoy the moment,

xoxo Meah <3




  1. Amanda

    Wow that is one heck of a workout! Thank you for sharing. I’m always looking to new ways to change up my every day workouts. I find that I keep up with the workouts much better when I change things up from time to time! Have a great Saturday!

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    1. pilatespearlsandpeanutbutter@gmail.com (Post author)

      I agree! Changing up your workouts keeps things fun. Let me know what you think if you try either of these out 🙂 .

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