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Hard Core in a Crunch Workout

Are you looking for a HARD CORE workout to do when you’re in a CRUNCH for time??? Puns intended, as always 🙂 . Anyway, this quickie ab workout is sure to make your muscles burn and help you build a strong core. If you’d like to extend this routine, feel free to repeat it 1-3 times through. To make it a full workout, add in a 5 minute dynamic cardio warm-up before doing 1-4 cycles and 15-45 minutes of HIIT or steady-state cardio at the end (cardio length depending on how many cycles you did). Or, you can even do 5 minutes of HIIT cardio between each cycle for 4 cycles. Either way, be sure to cool down and stretch afterwards. As core exercises alone don’t build abs (not that abs are AT ALL an indication of health or of prime importance), it’s important to also do some cardio since this will get your heart rate up and actually burn fat which is necessary to see definition.

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How to do the moves:

Double Leg Lift (Make sure to keep your shoulders wide and bring your legs as low as you can, keep your core tight and DON’T strain your neck!)

Jackknife Crunches 

Toe Touch Crunches

Scissor Kicks

Split Leg Crunch  (Do this, but stay on one side for the whole 30 seconds and switch to the other for the next 30 rather than alternating)

Criss Crosses

Hip Twisters

Back Bow

Back Bow Hold (Just hold a back bow position at the hardest part and be sure to squeeze tight)

Enjoy the moment,

xoxo, Meah

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    02/04/2017 at 11:44 am

    Cool workout routine! Great job, Meah!

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