Sweaty Saturday #5 Week’s Workouts Recap

Now that I have more free time, I’ve been experimenting with making and pairing workouts. I’m still trying to get in a groove of working out early and having a set plan (morning exercisers share ‘yo wisdom!), but this week’s been a successful one, so I figured I’d share my workouts. I hope you find some inspiration and get ideas for ways you can get/stay active.


After a couple sun salutations, I headed out the door for a morning (!!!!) run. While listening to a Blissful Bites Podcast, I covered 4.28 miles, then I did 4x200s for speed work and took a mile-ish walk to cool down before stretching.

If you haven’t tuned into the Blissful Bites Podcast yet, DO IT! It makes the miles fly by and I think it’s so cool to hear the stories behind my favorite healthy food brands and bloggers.

*Cough* me running in the summer XD

Later in the day, after a warm-up, I tried out a 24ish minute dynamic combination total body strength/cardio circuit I made up. I had written up in hopes that I would try it and then be able to post it for Sweaty Saturday. Some of the moves were a little complicated/awkward, so I didn’t like the routine too much which is why I opted out of posting it.


My mom and I had a busy day shopping at some outlets that are about an hour away from my house before meeting up with my sister for lunch. It was really stormy and on our way back home, we discovered there was actually a tornado in our area. Luckily, no trees fell in my yard or damaged my house, but one did fall on a power line up the road, so we lost power for a few hours. I was getting bored with no power, so I decided to do a quick little workout to pass the time. Since it was getting late and we had no power (meaning no shower), I didn’t want to do anything intense that would make me sweat a lot. So, I opted for a short, light upper body workout.

After a little warm-up I did this with dumbbells:

To finish off, I stretched and foam rolled my legs which were a little tight from yesterday’s workout.

16fj4lI feel like I have a twisted love/hate relationship with leg day. Can anyone relate?


I’ll be honest, at the start of this workout, I was feeling sluggish and NOT in the mood. But, as my blood got flowin’, I started feeling myself. This workout combines strength supersets with HIIT to maximize the effectiveness and really work up a sweat. I did 8 rep of each of the strength moves (A and B) and for the HIIT moves (C), I did 30 second on, 15 seconds off x2. I used various weights for all the strength moves.

To start, I did a dynamic/cardio warm-up, as usual.

Group 1 (A,B,A,B,C,A,B,A,B,C):

A: Squats (I hold the weights at my shoulders)

B: Alternating Bench Step Ups

C: Kettle Bell Swings

Group 2 (A,B,A,B,C,A,B,A,B,C):

A: Bulgarian Split Squats (8 PER SIDE, 16 total)

B: Alternating Single Leg Deadlifts (8 PER SIDE, 16 total)

C: Kettle Bell Swings

Group 3 (A,B,A,B,C,A,B,A,B,C):

A: Squat+Alternating Reverse Lunges (stay low the entire time to make it harder)

B: Side Bench Step Ups with Side Leg Lift (8 PER SIDE, 16 total)

C: Burpees

Next, I did 8 deadlifts, upped my weight and did 5 at this new weight, then upped my weight even more and did another 5.

For my finisher, I did 20 push-ups, a 1 minute side plank per side, and a 2 minute plank before a cool down and stretch.

Side note: Who else has experienced this? The struggle was real during my workout XD!

This workout was kinda just thrown together as I went (based on this Fitness Blender workout), but I did get a deadlifting PR, so I’d consider it a success. I also liked that I repeated the moves many times because that really worked to burnout my muscles. Speaking of burning muscles, BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUATS!!! MY GOODNESS!!! These burn the quads and the booty if you make sure to squeeze those glutes, especially on the way up.


Again, I modified a Fitness Blender Workout to make this. It should be called the “Who Wants To Do My Hair Tomorrow?” workout.

After a 5 minute dynamic/cardio warm-up, I did this upper body strength superset workout with HIIT intervals. For each of the strength exercises (A and B), I performed 8 reps and I did the HIIT intervals 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. I used various weights for all the strength exercises.

Superset 1:

A: Chest Flys

B: Reverse Flys


HIIT- Plyo Push-ups x3 (I DON’T clap, ha, I wish! I just push off the ground as much as I can)

Superset 2:

A: Bicep Curls

B: Bent Over Tricep Extensions


HIIT- Burpees x3

Superset 3:

A: Lateral Raises

B: Rear Lateral Raises


HIIT- Kettle Bell Swings x3

Superset 4:

A: Ventral Raises

B: Pullovers+Narrow Presses (just bring the weight you used for the pullover in for the press)


HIIT- Round of Applauses x3 (hands firm on the ground, click your heels in a donkey kick, then jump up into the air and click your heels and clap your hands at the top)

Superset 5:

A: Upright Rows

B: Rolling Side Plank Star (I did this in a “push-up plank” and with weights)


HIIT- Mountain Climbers x3

Superset 6:

A: Lateral Raises+Front Crosses (honestly I have no clue what to call these)

B: Shoulder Presses


HIIT- Squat Jump Kicks x3

Superset 7:

A: Rotating Curls (traditional curl, then flip your palms down and lower)

B: Skull Crushers


HIIT- High Knees x3

To finish, I did quick cool down and stretch.


The plan was a morning run with a friend, but life doesn’t always go as planned. I had a rough night of sleep, so slept in until about 9:45 and when I woke up I was HANGRY! Thank goodness for friends who understand that “morning” has a different meaning in the summer. After eating breakfast, reading some blogs, and throwing dinner in the crockpot, I met up with my friend and we set off for our run.

We covered just over 5 miles under the hot, HOT sun, then did 3x200s for speedwork. I walked about 1 mile to cool down, then did a 2 minute plank and stretched.

How I felt when my workout was done: 

Victory dances are a post-run essential ;).

When I got home, I was literally dripping in sweat. That summer sun was brutal! What’s worse is when the sweat started dripping into my eyes, youch, that burned! #runnerprobs, ‘ya feel?


Who else loves this Snapchat filter? It’s the only way to look cute even after a sweaty run ;).


I did this HIIT and Abs Fitness Blender workout, then did 15 minutes on the recumbent bike. I always do the bike at the highest level of resistance (why not get in some extra strength work, right?), but I didn’t push speed too much since I’d just done the workout video. After this, I did a 1 minute side plank on each side and a 1 minute regular plank before a nice, long stretch.

While I was on the bike, I scrolled through Instagram, checked Snapchat, and watched this new Buzzfeed Unsolved video. You should check it out! It’s interesting and the hosts are pretty hilarious.



Haha, yeah, that’s why.

Let Me Know…

Do you have a love/hate relationship with leg day?

What’s your current favorite lower body exercise?

How do you deal with running during the summer heat?

What’s your favorite Snapchat filter?

Enjoy the moment,

xoxo Meah <3

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