Ooh, my I want this so much! Would it be …

Comment on Winter Comfort Baked Oatmeal with a Crunchy Crumble Topping by jennifer.

Ooh, my I want this so much! Would it be wrong to make it a la mode at breakfast — maybe I’ll just do Greek yogurt on top 🙂

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Hidden Veggie Blueberries and Cream Protein Soft Serve
sneaking of the cauliflower! Love it!

Fit in Five: Energizing Quick Morning Start Workout
How cute are you?! the workout looks fun, and sure to get heart rate up with those last two moves!

Fit and Fresh Almond Butter Soba Salad
how fresh and yummy! My school lunches as a kid (back in the 70s) were super healthy . . . . my mom was a hippie and would never me have “normal” stuff the other kids were having. So, like when I say she made her own granola . . .she actually dried on the grapes on a screen in our backyard to make raisins – haha!

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