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Fit in Five: Quick No-Equipment Burnout Leg Workout

Fit in Five: Quick No-Equipment Burnout Leg Workout

Sculpt strong legs in no time! Whether you’re looking for a metabolism-boosting blast or burnout to add to your leg day, this is the quick perfect workout.

Fit in Five: Quick No-Equipment Burnout Leg Workout

I can guarantee you that in just five minutes, I can have you scowling at the stairs for the rest of the day. Sounds fun right 😉 ? Here’s to the ones who love the burn!

It’s week two of my weekly Fit in Five series for January and this week, I have a quick no-equipment burnout leg workout for you.

I highly recommend adding this workout to the end of a leg workout as a burnout. All the plyometrics paired with strength training — now THAT’S a match made in muscle-building heaven. If you want to extend this workout, feel free to do more rounds, adding in a one-two minute rest between each one and modifying the interval lengths as needed.

Even if you do this five workout on its own, it’s still a super effective blast perfect for squeezing in during a lunch break or just a busy day.

Looking for another five minute pick-me-up? Check out last week’s Fit in Five: Energizing Quick Morning Start Workout.

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Fit in Five: Quick No-Equipment Burnout Leg Workout

Star Jump Reverse Lunge:

Start in a tight, low narrow squat position, then explode up and out into a “star”. Recoil and land in a narrow squat position, then bring one leg back for a reverse lunge. Bring the leg back in, returning to the starting position and repeat the exercise for the interval, alternating the leg that goes back for the reverse lunge each time.

Broad Jump Squat Jack:

Start in a “loaded” position, feet wide, butt back, back flat, and arms back (can I say “back” any more times 😉 ? ). Launch yourself forward as far as possible and land in a low, sumo squat position. From the sumo squat, hop your legs into a narrow squat, turn around, and repeat for the exercise for the interval. Make sure you alternate which direction you turn around in each time.

Squat Twist Jump:

Start in a squat position. Staying low, twist and drop one knee down towards the opposite foot. Repeat for the other leg, then once you’re back in a regular squat, launch yourself up into as high a squat jump as possible. Land as softly in a squat position and repeat the exercise for the interval.

Duck Walk:

Staying very low, walk each leg forward once, keeping the leg that goes forward in a ninety degree angle and keeping the knee of the other leg parallel to the ground. Repeat going backwards once on each leg, then alternate going forwards once on each leg (two steps) and backwards once on each leg (two steps) for the interval.

Duck Squat Pulse:

Feet slightly wider than hips-width apart, in as shallow a squat as possible, alternate from a super low to higher squat, in a controlled pulsing motion, never coming up to standing.

Don’t forget, I’ll be back next Tuesday with another Fit in Five workout 🙂 . PLUS, I’ve got a recipe coming you way this week too. Get your forks ready babes 😉 !

Let me know…

What’s your favorite way to work your legs (weight-lifting, Pilates, HIIT, etc.)?

Do you like short or long workouts?

What’s your favorite post-workout recovery meal?

Enjoy the moment,

xoxo Meah <3

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  • Reply
    Pickleball Portal
    10/17/2017 at 4:32 am

    Great workout. I’ve been going to Pilates classes or a few years and really enjoy it but this looks like a great workout for days I can make it to the gym…or when I’m traveling away from home and can’t make it to the gym.
    Pickleball Portal recently posted…Pickle-ball vs Pickleball Paddle vs Racquet or RacketMy Profile

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  • Reply
    Eddie Canales
    05/12/2017 at 1:10 am

    Hello Meah,thanks for these workout tips. I really needed some leg workout like this, because I don’t go to the gym. So, it will definitely help me. Thanks again!

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  • Reply
    Jeck Welch
    01/30/2017 at 6:33 am

    This workout looks super fun plus, this post is so adorable!. This just literally brightened up my day, so, as a way of saying thanks, I’m happy to provide you with a coupon that can get you upto 5% off plus free shipping on your next purchase at Titan Fitness!.

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  • Reply
    01/12/2017 at 12:01 pm

    This looks like it would definitely finish me off after a leg workout..awesome!

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  • Reply
    01/11/2017 at 6:55 am

    Sharing 🙂 but had to share I am printing this out and posting in the kitchen. The child is still a very early riser and loves any kind of movement in the morning – – she’s like her mama that way 🙂 – – this is perfect.
    Carla recently posted…My 4-step process to becoming a LARK.My Profile

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