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Fit in Five: Quick No-Equipment Sleek Strong Arms

Fit in Five Quick No-Equipment Sleek Strong Arms

Want strong, sleek arms? Shape up and sculpt your arms anywhere, anytime with this five minute, no-equipment workout. Let’s get to work!

Fit in Five Quick No-Equipment Sleek Strong Arms

I think that all too often, women neglect to work their upper body in favor of working their “abs” or “booty“. Don’t get me wrong, these are important to work too, but ladies, don’t be afraid to work your upper body too!

Not only do sculpted arm muscles look gorgeous in sleeveless tanks (not that anyone is wearing much of those with this blustery winter weather…*sigh*), but strong arms are essential for carrying all the grocery bags full of stuff you didn’t need to buy from Whole Foods. Wait…is that just me 😉 ?

You can take this workout anywhere and do it any time! It’s perfect for busy days when you may only have five minutes to squeeze in some activity or if you’re just feeling like an energy boost. As always, instructions for how to do each exercise are below the graphic.

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Fit in Five Quick No-Equipment Sleek Strong Arms

Push Up Holds:

Just like a standard push up, start in a high plank. Lower yourself down until your arms for a 90 degree angle, hold for 3-5 seconds, then push back up into a high plank. Repeat for the interval.

Circle Push Ups:

Just like a standard push up, start in a high plank. Lower down to one side, then swoop around to the other side and push up from that side, returning to a high plank. Lower down on the opposite side and repeat for the interval, alternating the side you lower down on.

Back Squeeze Lift:

Stomach facing down, chest lifted, and lower back engaged, extend your arms out in front of you. Draw your arms down to your side, squeezing your back muscles. Extend your arms back out and repeat for the interval.

Up Downs:

Starting in a high plank, lower yourself into a forearm plank one arm at a time, trying not to move your hips too much. Once you’re in a forearm plank, lift yourself back into a high plank, starting with the same arm you lowered down on first. Repeat for the interval, making sure you alternate which arm you’re starting with.

3-2-1 Tricep Dips:

Lift your body up into a reverse table top position, bend one leg and rest it over top the other. Don’t completely lock out your elbows at this top position. Lower yourself down on a 3-2-1 count until your butt grazes the ground. As you bend your elbows, keep them in so your triceps stay activated. Once you’ve lowered all the way down, return back to the starting position. Repeat for the interval, switching which leg is over top the other halfway through the interval.

Let me know…

What is your favorite body part to work?

What is your favorite push up variation?

Do you have any exciting plans for this weekend?


Enjoy the moment,

xoxo Meah <3

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