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Five Essential Tips to FALL in Love with Your Life+prAna Review/Discount

Five Essential Tips to FALL in Love with Your Life+prAna Review/Discount

Follow these tips to embrace balance, radiate positivity, and start LIVING the life you desire. Plus SAVE on the prAna fall line so you can sweat in style.Five Essential Tips to FALL in Love with Your Life+prAna Review/DiscountIt’s officially the first day of fall! Time to bring out the sweaters, put pumpkin in EVERYTHING, and start binge-watching Halloween Town, Hocus Pocus, and all the other movies that bring back those cozy feels. Not that people haven’t already been doing that haha…now I guess it’s just socially acceptable, right 😉 ?

Along with reviewing a couple pieces from the gorgeous prAna fall 2017 line, I wanted to feature five essential tips I have for living your best life. There’s a lot of negativity, stressors, and pressures in the world, so it’s up to you to stay focused on paving your path to positvity. I’ve noticed SUCH a change in my life since I’ve started applying these tips so I’m really excited to pass them along 🙂 !

First the review…

Five Essential Tips to FALL in Love with Your Life+prAna Review/DiscountWomens Filament Tank in North Sea (XS), Womens Roxanne Printed Legging in Indigo Garden (XS)

I’ve worked with prAna in the past and absolutely loved their clothes and the philosophy behind their brand, so I was more than happy to get the chance to collaborate again.

Can I just start off by saying how incredibly perfect the colors went together? I’d definitely recommend buying these two together!

As a brand, prAna is all about sustainability, community, and giving back. I’m all for that! Who doesn’t love wearing clothes they can feel good about and look good in?

Five Essential Tips to FALL in Love with Your Life+prAna Review/Discount

I absolutely adore the pieces I got! I’m very petite (5 foot 3), so I liked that the leggings (size XS) cut off right at my ankles meaning I don’t have to worry about them bunching up at the bottom. Their pattern is also super vibrant and I love that they’re made of high quality, durable fabric, but offer stretch.

Now onto the top! It may seem BACKwards 😉 , but I have to start with talking about the criss cross design on the back. Seriously so cute and unique. The shirt shows off your shoulders and fits in all the right places to create a sleek, feminine figure.

Use the code”FAMK15″ to SAVE 15% on your prAna orders thru October 31st, 2017.

I highly recommend you check out the new fall 2017 prAna line! There are tons of high-quality pieces that can be staples in your closet for years to come.

Now onto the tips…

1. Be unconditionally comfortable being you

In case you haven’t already realized, you’re gonna be you for the rest of your life. Shocker, right 😉 ?!? Jokes aside, I think confidence is something we’re all born with. Just think about how certainly a little kid responds when you ask them what they want to be when they grow up. A fairy princess? Heck yeah, why not?

We’ve all heard it a million times, but it’s so true that society perpetuates the idea that you need to ‘fix yourself” or “complete yourself”. Just look to the millions of weight loss articles and products or “love” stories where the people desperately need each other just to be whole. Uhm…no thanks. I know I’m not perfect. Y’all food babies are a true thing sometimes. But, I honestly just don’t even bother to care anymore. I really love me and that’s not being self-absorbed or vain. It should be normal to love yourself. I didn’t always feel this comfortable in my own skin, but it feels so good and I really hope you all find the same peace!

2. Stop wasting energy on things that don’t matter

Negativity is incredibly wasteful. I’ve realized there’s just about no point in wasting my thoughts, feelings, and times on being negative. If something doesn’t work out, it happened, and I should be navigating my way to a solution instead of dwelling on it.

I’ve also wasted a lot of time on obsessive tendencies or perfectionism. It’s just part of my personality that I’ve had to learn to control. When I feel myself starting to overthink things, I just stop, simplify, and go with the flow. This could go for food, exercise, school, body image, or whatever you struggle with.

3. Never feel like a failure again

This totally sounds like some gimmicky ad you’d see on a side bar with a super-sketchy click bait picture, but I promise, it’s legit. In the past few months, I can honestly say I don’t feel like I’ve “failed”. No, I haven’t done everything perfectly or been the best and yes, I’ve had to fight a fleeting negative thought.

The way I’ve started looking at it is that, as long as I give it my all or do the best I can, I can’t fail. This goes for running, tests, or just balancing classes. Things aren’t always going to be ideal, but when you start just saying to heck with it all and really going for it, you’ll find a sense of pride or at least contentment in any situation. And even if in the end I know I could have done a little more, there’s no point in dwelling in the loss and feeling bad. Just smooth the wrinkles in your cape and go kick some booty super girl (or guy) 😉 .

4. Understand that there’s no such thing as “not having time”

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can do absolutely everything. The idea here is that, technically, you have 24 hours in a day. You do have time to do a lot of things. When you stop saying “I don’t have time” and start realizing it’s more about how you allocate your time, YOU get the power. You’re in control of how you spend your time and live your life, so learn to prioritize. Some nights I’m not going to be able to finish all my homework AND get the amount of sleep I want. Instead of flipping out, and playing the “woe is me” card, I just choose to finish what’s most important to me and make a plan to finish the other things in the morning or during down time in another class.

5. Live with compassion

Why not? It’s not hard to smile as you pass by a stranger, ask someone how their day’s been, or cheer people on. Once you’ve gotten used to this, take things a step further. This summer, I encountered a woman working at a grocery store who looked pretty down. At first, I felt awkward and hesitant, but I finally realized how silly I was being and simply asked her “Hey is everything okay?”. Luckily, she was just tired, but she was really grateful I even bothered to ask in the first place.

It’s odd that it’s hard to just reach out to people like that. I’m not alone in this struggle, so I think as a worldly community if we just started to realize we’re all connected and similar, it’d be a lot easier to just go out and live with compassion. I also highly, highly encourage you participate in service projects! Food drives are great, but if you can try to do a few where you really get to interact with the people it benefits. This will offer you some great perspective and is always a really heart-warming experience.

Five Essential Tips to FALL in Love with Your Life+prAna Review/Discount

I could ramble on this topic for ages, but I hope you guys can apply these few of these tips to your own lives!

Let me know…

What’s your favorite outfit to workout in?

How do you live your best life?

Are you currently involved in any service projects?

Enjoy the moment,

xoxo Meah <3

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  • Reply
    10/03/2017 at 3:37 pm

    I LOVE your tips! I’m just about to publish one myself about confidence being the best way to feel beautiful. And LOVE your outfit! I have the top in white and love it, and am DYING for those pants!

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  • Reply
    10/03/2017 at 11:40 am

    Such a cute outfit – and I love how your shoes match so perfectly! <3

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  • Reply
    Jamie King
    10/02/2017 at 9:09 pm

    You look so cute in this outfit and I LOVE all of your tips. It’s so great to remember to live compassionately and patiently! 🙂 XOXO

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  • Reply
    Nicci Randall
    09/24/2017 at 1:12 pm

    This outfit is super cute on you – love the bright colors for fall!

    Also, I LOVE all of these tips. One of the things I’m working on is #2 and mainly not wasting my time worrying about things. It can be so draining and so unproductive. My goal is to address problems with a much different mindset that I will find a solution and need not worry.

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  • Reply
    Vanessa Junkin
    09/23/2017 at 6:46 pm

    Cool shirt! I discovered PrAna through a Sweat Pink blogger giveaway and the brand has such nice clothes!

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  • Reply
    09/23/2017 at 4:23 pm

    Love this! it is so important to be comfortable with ourselves!

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